Historical collage of Ware Malcomb's Executive Leaders since its founding in 1972

About Us

In 1972, Ware Malcomb was founded by Bill Ware and Bill Malcomb. Their philosophy of great design, excellent client service and relationship-focused business still rings true today. The firm has a long history of leading design for commercial and corporate real estate.

In 1990, ownership of the firm transitioned to CEO, Lawrence R. Armstrong and retired President Jim Williams.

Today, Ware Malcomb is led by Lawrence R. Armstrong and Executive Vice Presidents Jay Todisco and Kenneth Wink, along with a team of talented design and business leaders.

An international, award winning firm, Ware Malcomb offers integrated design services including architecture, planning, interior design, branding, civil engineering, and building measurement to diverse clients in both the private and public sectors. We have offices located throughout North America.

We deliver

  • Creative, Quality Design
  • An Entrepreneurial Approach
  • Real Estate Expertise
  • Exceptional Project Execution