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Workplace Strategy & Change Management


Organizations are increasingly challenged to adapt to ever-changing business demands. Ware Malcomb’s workplace strategy solutions deliver a competitive advantage to our clients by transforming spaces that enhance company culture, support business objectives, and maximize experience and performance.

Our workplace strategy and design teams partner in the research process to seamlessly integrate strategy concepts into the planning and design phases of a project, delivering a high-performance environment invested in people and place.

Our toolkit of quantitative and qualitative data driven research methodologies include:

  • Envisioning Session to establish project goals
  • Survey tools
  • Focus Groups & Structured Interviews
  • Observational Research
  • Activity Analysis & Utilization Studies

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Change management and communications prepares individuals, teams and companies in making organizational, culture, technology and workplace change. An integrated Change Management program mobilizes commitment, concentrates resources and establishes a sense of urgency to embrace the change.

Ware Malcomb offers change communications and programs to connect and inform via various mediums, deliver the message to the broadest range of employees.  Our Change Management and Communication tools run concurrently with the appropriate design, documentation, construction and move-in phases of the project.

Our change management services include:

  • Developing a comprehensive change management play book
  • Customizing communications collateral such as newsletters, FAQ’s and User’s Guides
  • Establishing a Change Champion program for peer change mentoring
  • Implementing pre and post assessment tools to measure project successes against objectives and key performance indicators.

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