Ware Malcomb : Sustainable


Ware Malcomb provides sustainable, renewable and environmentally responsible options to enhance projects in healthy and economical ways. Our team of LEED® Accredited Professionals offers expertise in sustainable design practices, including LEED certification, delivering the solutions needed to meet project goals, and local jurisdiction requirements. The team provides the following levels of service:

  • Sustainable Design elements and renewable material options into the project design, without seeking LEED Certification.
  • LEED Design solutions utilizing sustainable design principles as followed by the USGBC or CGBC to pursue project LEED Certification.
  • LEED Management Services include leading the Design Team in establishing sustainable goals and processing through the USGBC for Certification.

Ware Malcomb’s sustainable design solutions help result in improved work environments, reduced operating costs, and natural resource conservation. Ware Malcomb is a member of the US Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council.