ZS Associates Office

South San Francisco, California

A complete interior renovation of this space included a mixture of open office seating, collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, large training room, and an open kitchen area.

Abstract geometric shapes such as triangles and parallelograms were used throughout the space to denote the concept of interlinking puzzle pieces. The design also represented an abstraction of the ZS Associates logo design to tie the San Francisco office into the global firm. Bold uses of color blocks formed another component of interlocking pieces, which help to delineate the smaller neighborhoods that combine to form the greater office. Strategic placement of collaboration and interaction spaces in the center of the plan encourage employees to congregate and interact with each other.

In addition to the overall design aesthetic, there was on the acoustics of the space. To achieve optimal sound attenuation, all walls use double layers of drywall and connect directly to the structure. Additionally, other acoustical components such as Fitz Felt walls, acoustical light fixtures, and soft seating were added to help absorb sound.