USC Advancement lounge
USC Advancement open office
USC Advancement break area

USC Advancement

Los Angeles, California

Interior architecture and design for a 5,000 SF tenant improvement. Ware Malcomb is a USC preferred service provider.

The design philosophy for USC Advancement’s new office was to create an incubator-like creative environment, while maintaining a figurative “blank canvas” in terms of color and finishes. A variety of settings provides a versatile environment that addresses USC Advancement’s unique needs. The office features a mix of formal and informal workspaces, allowing for collaborative and individual thinking. The open office area promotes employee interaction, while phone rooms and a specialized video editing room provide space for employees to focus. The open lounge and kitchen area accommodates the entire office and includes an 11-foot bar, adding a hospitality-like vibe to the space. 
To achieve a “blank canvas” space igniting creativity for its inhabitants, each color and finish was carefully chosen to produce a clean, fresh scheme that would not conflict with the employees’ natural creativity. White walls and furniture paired with gray and black flooring generate a pristine look, which is emphasized by the level of detail given to the millwork.  The all-white cabinets and drawers are designed to create a cohesive look with flush surfaces. The refrigerator is concealed among the rest of the millwork creating a monolithic kitchen. To add a level of purity and authenticity, real materials such as wood and stone were used throughout the space, rather than imitation substitutes.

The juxtaposition of creative office design and a neutral finish palette creates a unique workspace. Employees are provided with the amenities needed to collaborate within a “blank canvas” that lets their talent and creativity take the forefront.