Medline Industries Inc. Customer Service Center

Dubuque, Iowa

Medline Industries Inc.’s call center located in Dubuque, Iowa is 130,000 square feet and LEED Certified. With a design goal of creating a “town within a town”, the impressive size of the call center offers over 1,000 workstations. To help designate the space, the design team implemented neighborhoods and active, interwoven landscaping using materials and fixtures such as acoustical clouds and colored lighting to serve as beacons for each area. Break out spaces were implemented throughout to serve as individual oases for those needing to unwind away from their desks.

Adjacent to the cafeteria is a light-filled corner city center with access to an outside patio, providing employees an opportunity to connect with nature and unwind. To enhance staff members’ well-being, a 5,200 square foot gym/multipurpose room with a full-size basketball court is available to all employees. The gym also boasts a 2,200 state-of-the-art fitness center. To encourage activity, the space includes a quarter mile track around the interior of the open office.