FINRA Office Renovation

Woodbridge, New Jersey

Ware Malcomb provided interior architecture and design services for FINRA’s Woodbridge, New Jersey office. The project included renovating their existing 21,000 SF space, as well as a 6,000 SF expansion. Key additions included a secure reception area, a secure conference center and a new break area.

The concept for the new office was to create a fresh, desirable and sophisticated space for FINRA’s employees that embodied their brand. To achieve this, the design team created new and inviting social spaces throughout, introduced more natural light and opened the overall space. In particular, the private offices on the window line were fitted with new glass wall systems to let light pour into the open office areas.

The design intertwined FINRA’s identity through unique forms and patterns, such as inclusion of creative diagonal and dimensional gestures throughout the entire office experience. High-end wall and upholstered finishes, dimensional acoustical products and custom artwork were sprinkled throughout. Wood look material was selected for new sit-to-stand desking systems to bring more warmth and life into the space. With numerous departments housed under the same roof, the design also features color-informed directions, with variations helping to differentiate each departmental zone.

The new multipurpose break room was specifically designed for use beyond just a few hours during lunch. This large open space can be used for townhall meetings, catered events and casual meetings in addition to coffee and lunch breaks. The break room is inviting with open ceilings and suspended triangular acoustical clouds with integrated lighting and creative pendants. Custom artwork on the main wall can be seen through to elevator lobby into the reception area. The reception area also brings in similar dimensional forms through the acoustical wall panels and the design of a wood wall behind the reception desk.

Additionally, as a financial regulatory agency, security was a top priority for the new design. The conference center was given special attention, with rooms featuring acoustical wall coverings and acoustical light fixtures, which facilitate privacy for sensitive discussion, as well as imbue style.


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