World Design Day 2020

As design professionals, we have a profound impact on the built environment and in turn, the ability to significantly impact the world itself. That is why we are taking this opportunity to highlight some of our designers today, on World Design Day. Per the ico-D website, “The goal of WDD is to challenge designers to reflect deeply on the well-being of people within their local environments, and to find innovative solutions to local needs by using design as a vehicle to honor diversity, transcend borders, and improve quality of life”.

This year’s theme, Be Professional, emphasizes the influential role that designers play within society and the importance of redefining what it means to be a professional designer. We asked some of our design team to provide insight from their experience as design pros. From this insight, there were a few common themes:

Theme 1: Experience is Everything

Theme 2: Every Project is Important

Theme 3: Professional Responsibility

Theme 4: Personal Values & Design

“Methodology and experience make us professional at what we do. Exposure to different clients, project types, constraints, issues and successes over time helps us hone our methods, advocate for solutions that align with our client’s goals and ultimately deliver a great design/project experience.” – Debra Bryant, Director, Branding

“The first real branded graphics project I led after starting at Ware Malcomb I arrived on time, pitched my first idea and quickly fell flat on my face. The client was way overwhelmed by the scale and boldness of my initial concept and politely told me they hated it! My response was quick, but gave me a clever out… I said, “At least I know what you don’t like.”
– Adam Burrows, Studio Manager, Branding

“There was one project where, given the circumstances, I had to learn programming in order to deliver the project on time. This incident became a pivotal moment in my career by changing my thought process and helping me embrace the “logic” aspect of design. It not only allowed me to grow as a designer but I also gained a lot of experience as a programmer.” -Jung Kim, Design Manager, Branding

Theme 2: Every Project is Important

“No matter what the ask is as the designer, we should be excited about contributing our ideas and honing our craft.  If you approach it as if it’s your most important project, that’s when you do your best work. It might be small, but it has importance.” – Jinger Tapia, Principal, Design

“In NYC there are many fire hose attachments on the side of the building. My first job out of college and on my first project, we had to design a sign that identified this hose attachment. The amount of attention that went into the one sign – we kerned and tracked the typography for weeks! I still pass by that sign occasionally in the City. There is no job too small.” – Lyz Ward, Senior Project Designer

“Most of my experience before WM was with a sign fabrication company. One project that comes to mind was for a plumbing client. I researched, found assets (photographs) and proposed typography. Although initially the project seemed uninteresting, in the end I was really proud of it.” – Tom Glennon, Production Designer

“Be an advocate for the client and strive to steer things correctly – that’s what makes us professionals. Our duty as designers is to be chameleons; we must live and breathe many companies’ brands.” – Joshua Huckleberry, Senior Project Designer

“Professionalism is knowing how to interact with our clients. Certain clients are more casual while others require a higher degree of formality, and as professionals, it’s imperative we identify and respect that.” – Chris Setchell, Project Designer

“The ever changing world around us reminds us to always embrace diversity and provide constant motivation to refine your craft. Every day is seen as a new day. Every client has a new set of challenges. I have the privilege to affect change for others in a positive way by elevating their experience through the built environment.” – Sarah Walker, Studio Manager, Interior Design

“As a freelancer, I had the freedom to choose clients and who to work with.  By choosing to be a part of a company or organization then you’re committing to be part of what the company does (what they design). I chose Ware Malcomb and that’s a cultural and value fit for me.” – Teri Massick, Production Designer

Although officially recognized on April 27th, at Ware Malcomb, every day is design day. We strive to translate our clients’ goals into innovative and effective spaces by providing the highest quality design solutions. Our talented team of design professionals specializing in architecture, interior architecture & design, branding, and civil engineering are dedicated to providing great design and client service.