Winning Design Teleports Users to a Place of Imagination

A team of Ware Malcomb designers recently displayed their creativity and innovative design solutions as they took part in and won the Nook Pod Design competition.

Nook, a furniture company that creates mobile work and meeting pods to enable more flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work styles, called on designers to create a new pod to add to their inventory. The only requirements for the pods were that they had to be aesthetically pleasing and have a secret “superpower” that brings an additional level of awesome.

Mariana Serratos, Joy Perez-Tsai and Paige Parrish of Ware Malcomb took to the drawing board and developed a pod with the superpower of teleportation.

With telescoping and flip-open panels, sliding slat doors, drop-down manual shades, interactive LED screens and programmable Virtual Reality headsets, the Teleportation pod takes its users to their desired destination where they can freely embark on a personalized virtual world exploring areas of interest such as art, travel, sports and relaxation. With the ability to transform into three different viewing configurations, the Ware Malcomb team’s goal was to spark excitement, curiosity, imagination and optimism.

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Of the five finalists, the Ware Malcomb Teleportation Nook Pod was voted as the winner. Their outstanding design will be recreated as a one-off prototype which will be presented both digitally and at trade shows when they resume.

For more information about our team and their process in creating the Teleportation Nook Pod, watch the video below.