Ware Malcomb Warriors: Raising Funds & Awareness for Pediatric Cancer Research

On May 4th and 5th, the Ware Malcomb Warriors proudly participated in the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) Cinco de Mayo Reaching for the Cure Run/Walk/Bike event.

PCRF is a non-profit organization celebrating 30 years of cutting edge research, education, and lifesaving advancements for children with cancer. An internationally recognized organization, PCRF partners with businesses, foundations, and individuals to improve care, quality of life, and survival rates of children with malignant diseases. Their efforts have profoundly impacted the lives of many children and their families.

Every year, the Cinco de Mayo Reaching for the Cure Run/Walk/Bike event takes place at Orange County’s Irvine Spectrum Center. It is a fun, inspirational event that draws families and friends affected by pediatric cancer and gives runners, joggers, walkers, cyclists, volunteers and spectators alike a venue to observe and support this worthy cause.

Led by a dedicated committee, comprised of Ruth Brajevich, Sahar Mandi, Bryan Walker, Heather Shreve and Julie Sanchez, the Ware Malcomb Warriors reached and surpassed all initial team goals.

 On race day we were 50 people strong and managed to raise a total of $2,876 just through our fundraising efforts alone!

This was 20 people more than what we aimed for and almost double our fundraising target of $1,500! Such a success was only possible through the support of our dedicated team members, incredible Ware Malcomb employees, and the participation and generous contributions of our friends and families.

Our fundraising events included:

  • Piggy Bank Coin Drive | raised $31
  • Raffle Tickets | raised $73
  • Bottles & Cans Recycling | raised $55
  • St. Patrick’s Day Bake Sale | raised $516
  • Dining Partnership with Ruby’s Diner | raised $61
  • Dining Partnership with California Pizza Kitchen | raised $101
  • Top Fundraiser Competitions

Winners of our Top Fundraiser Competitions included:

Tara Macleod | Our Top Team Fundraiser

Tara raised $495 for the Ware Malcomb Warriors!

Lon Stephenson | Our Top Employee Fundraiser

Lon raised $250 for the Ware Malcomb Warriors!

wm design | Our Top Group Fundraiser

Ware Malcomb’s Design Studio made a team donation of $280 to the Ware Malcomb Warriors!

Ware Malcomb Warriors Heart Award

Additionally, the voluntary kind-heartedness of our youngest team member moved the Ware Malcomb Warriors to create the Ware Malcomb Warriors Heart Award, given to the team member showing the biggest heart.  The first recipient of this award was Darin DeVoe of Mission Viejo, California.

Darin surprised everyone when he requested guests attending his 8th birthday party to make a donation to PCRF instead of buying him birthday presents.  He donated a total of $217 of his birthday money to the Ware Malcomb Warriors cause and with this kindness, stole all our hearts!

The Ware Malcomb Warriors’ involvement in races such as the PCRF Cinco de Mayo Reaching for the Cure Run/Walk/Bike event is a part of Ware Malcomb’s new company-wide program, wm health + fitness.

wm health + fitness includes a Ware Malcomb committee of employees who have brainstormed ideas to promote nutrition and fitness within the firm.  This includes educational information on proper nutrition, stress management, and various fitness activities that are supported by the company. The program also encourages all our offices to organize Ware Malcomb-sponsored team activities.

How do you promote a healthy lifestyle?