Ware Malcomb & Friends Successfully Complete the 2013 Baja Challenge

October 5, 2013, A team of 18 Ware Malcomb employees from the Irvine and San Diego offices traveled towards the U.S./Mexico border for Project Mercy’s 14th Annual Baja Challenge.


Each year, the Baja Challenge gives Real Estate and Building Professionals a chance to volunteer their time and resources to local families in need of a home.  The goal is to create a brighter and more comfortable future for families facing serious economic hardships in the outlying neighborhoods of Tijuana, Mexico.


This year, Project Mercy’s challenge took place in Colonia Union Antochista where 12 homes were built in a single day. Ware Malcomb joined forces with CBRE San Diego, Trazo, Vesta and D.A. Whitacre.


The new homes were designed with a 2nd floor mezzanine and furnished with carpet and interior paint. Going the extra mile was Trazo who created custom cabinets and counter tops. In addition to the manual labor, tools and hardware, the team donated groceries, clothing, and household supplies to each of the families in need. Aside from gusty wind and lots of dust, this year’s challenge went smoothly with construction completed by the early evening.


Ware Malcomb has been involved with the Baja Challenge since its inaugural year in 1999. According to Challenge Leader and Ware Malcomb Regional Vice President, Matt Brady, “Ware Malcomb has helped to create and expand the Baja Challenge over the last 14 years. In that time, the Baja Challenge has resulted in housing for 250-300 families.  It is truly unique because we physically help solve this housing problem with our bare hands, which is both satisfying and rewarding.  I am proud that the event has endured and that we have great volunteers coming back every year.”


To everyone involved in this year’s Baja Challenge, Ware Malcomb thanks you. Your efforts have demonstrated compassion and commitment to helping others and represent the value of developing strong relationships within our industry. We look forward to next year’s challenge!