Use Compassion to Diffuse Negativity

I recently read a blog post called “To Guide Difficult Conversations, Try Using Compassion” by Allison Rimm on the HBR Blog Network.

The article was a great reminder that sometimes the challenges we experience with others, in our private and professional lives, have nothing to do with us. In fact, negative behaviors exhibited by others are often a reaction to a totally separate source of frustration. Being able to separate yourself from these types of interpersonal issues can make a huge difference in your relationships with others. It frees you to be able to help others and develop deeper relationships.

The first step is to recognize when someone may be dealing with an issue. Then it helps to listen and seek to understand why they are struggling. Read the rest of the article for additional action items.

How have you used compassion to resolve conflict?









Maureen Bissonnette | Director, Marketing