Supreme Oil Company’s Historic & Hip Corporate Headquarters

Supreme Oil Company, a well respected and established oil distributor, selected Ware Malcomb to provide interior architecture and design services for their new downtown San Diego office. Located on the entire second floor of a modern mixed-use high-rise development, the space offers exposure to numerous downtown amenities, boasts views of the marina and the San Diego skyline, and provides access to public transportation.

Ware Malcomb’s innovative design solution delivers a healthy, enjoyable work environment while providing a strong connection to Supreme Oil Company’s established brand and culture. Locating common areas within the core provides a view and exposure to natural light for each employee workspace. Energy efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures also supported their sustainable goals.

Our design team purposefully addressed workplace strategy, as promoting a collaborative culture was a key outcome. The furniture solution perfectly blends a modern, collaborative work environment with a vintage architectural statement. Garage-style remote controlled glass roll-up doors on the sales offices address core value of teamwork by allowing for a full open office, while also providing private work space functionality as needed.

Incorporating vintage gas station signs and oil barrels throughout the space add a touch of history, in a nod to Supreme Oil Company’s proud 70+ year history.