Strengthen Your Brand: Branded Environments

What is a branded environment?

In today’s competitive marketplace, brand is more important than ever. A strong brand is a valuable asset to any company, serving as a powerful tool to sell products and services, and attract and retain top employee talent.

Brand is not just a logo, typeface or color palette. Brand is an experience, whether it be visual, physical, or emotional. A branded environment is a way to translate this experience throughout the built environment through collaboration among architects, interior designers, and graphic designers.  Ware Malcomb’s integrated architecture, interior design, and branding studios work together to create branded environments that articulate each of our clients’ unique identities.

Why implement branded environments?

 Convey Company Values and Engage Employees | Branded environments are a great way to create tangible expressions of a company’s culture throughout the workplace.  Credit Union of Southern California’s new corporate office features a branded environment to convey their value of world-class customer service and attention.


Wall graphics of core company values and inspirational quotes promote a positive work environment.

Perhaps the most meaningful aspect of the branded environment is the artwork inspired by the understanding that there is a unique “story behind every face.”  Credit Union of Southern California’s emphasis on the value of the individual is expressed through colorful, emotive faces.

Credit Union of Southern California’s new branded environment engages employees while encouraging behaviors consistent with the organization’s distinct vision and values.

Convey Brand Identity | Through a combination of graphic and interior design, brand identity can be expressed through an immersive environment. As a global leader in the travel industry, seeks to convey its brand by turning each of its offices into “destinations” inspired by local travel icons.’s Seattle office features a clever use of materials to reimagine the break room as the historic Pike Place market, while branded graphics in the game room draw inspiration from Seattle’s sports teams.


For their San Francisco office, custom graphics of famous local icons such as cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge capture the spirit of the city.

Though the offices vary in design, each of them reflect’s identity as a leading provider of travel accommodations by creating a themed environment highlighting local destinations.

Showcase Products/Services | A branded environment provides the opportunity to showcase a company’s products or services throughout the workplace.  Cubic Corporation, an industry leader in the transportation and defense markets, chose to implement a branded environment to highlight their products and industry.

Large scale branded wall graphics emphasize Cubic’s presence in the aerospace industry, while also conveying some of their core values.  “Innovation”, “dedication”, and “ethical” are just some of the values reflected in this graphic.


Throughout the office, custom signage speaks to Cubic’s involvement in the defense industry and their international reach.  The materials and colors used to evoke a modern, high-tech feel in line with Cubic’s cutting edge product offerings.

A branded environment is an excellent way to infuse a consistent and compelling brand image into a space.  Our Branding Studio offers a distinct mix of graphic design and branding expertise to visually communicate, enliven and build your brand.