Giving Back To the Community: Second Harvest Food Bank

The holidays can be a busy time of the year. Beginning with Thanksgiving, the days leading up to New Year’s Day are filled with last minute work priorities, company parties, social gatherings and family time. While we do our best to immerse in the holiday season, it is important to remember to give back to those in need during this time.

On December 3rd, several Ware Malcomb employees volunteered for the Annual NAIOP Inland Empire event at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Riverside, California.

Second Harvest Food Bank Managers    

In the morning, we were met by Robert and Tracy of Second Harvest Food Bank, who would guide us throughout the day. The team worked to pack cereal boxes, children’s snacks and various baking goods that were loaded onto pallets for distribution. Highlights of the day included the challenge of packing boxes to within a ¼ pound of the mandatory weight (which is harder than it sounds) and having Second Harvest tell us we were done early because they ran out of boxes. Great job Team!

Together, more than 30 members from participating companies managed to sort, package and stack over 2,500 lbs. of holiday food donations. In addition, participating companies donated $7,500 to Second Harvest Food Bank. This donation covers the cost of 60,000 meals which will go towards ensuring that hundreds of families in need have food on their tables during the holidays.

Thank you to NAIOP Inland Empire for organizing this event and to Second Harvest Food Bank for giving us the opportunity to help our community.

Ware Malcomb joined the following companies for this worthwhile event: