Measuring the Value of Your Space

If you have ever sold, purchased or leased space in a multi-tenant building, you know how important it is to have accurate square footage measurements. Performing your due diligence early positions you to have better transactions.

With many buildings vacant, given current stay at home orders across the nation, now is an ideal time to have your spaces measured. The square footage is then analyzed per the appropriate BOMA measurement standard to maximize the rentable space available.

Our dedicated Building Measurement team delivers accurate floor plans at competitive fees to keep projects moving forward and provide peace of mind that spaces are accurately measured, and you are maximizing the revenue generating square footage of your property.

When should I get a building measured?

The best time to get your building or space measured is before you try to buy or sell. The last thing you want is to have a transaction held up because you don’t have up-to-date measurements of your spaces. Remeasuring them per the latest BOMA standard allows you to know what you’re buying/selling and provides the most accurate information possible.

Already own a building or have one under construction?

Verifying the information you have will allow you to know what you own. Changes in design can affect the final rentable square footage. New BOMA standards and adding/modifying spaces contribute to this.

Is your tenant looking at a potential space?

Knowing it has been recently and accurately measured with the latest requirements provides an up-front check to get the best square footage information before signing a lease.

Building Measurement Process

Our team measures your space using the latest in laser measuring technology. We then create “as-built” floor plans with USF and RSF on all plans. The square footage is verified via BOMA standards to maximize development and provide further confirmation of the size of the space.


You will receive via email a dimensioned plan, non-dimensioned plan and CAD file. We also provide BOMA calculations, which allow us to provide a PDF showing color-coded plans with square footages. In multi-tenant buildings, you will also receive a BOMA matrix showing the overall size of the property, rentable exclusions, occupant areas, building and floor service and amenity areaa and the rentable square footage of each occupant space.

3D Scanning Services

We also offer 3D scanning services to measurement spaces. This technology enables us to create a 3D Revit model, which can be used when starting the design process. The 3D scan also creates a reflected ceiling plan and RECAP file, allowing 360-degree photos and immersive walk-through experience.


Our Building Measurement team delivers accurate floor plans at competitive rates to keep your projects moving forward and provide you peace of mind that your spaces are accurately measured.

We provide:

  • Laser accurate measuring
  • 3D Scanning Services
  • BOMA calculations
  • Plans created in AutoCAD & Revit
  • Detailed dimensioned plans
  • Client customized plans upon request
  • Space planning/test fits
  • Calculation of load factor for commercial properties upon request
  • USF or RSF provided on all plans