Is Your Office Lease Up?

Work was historically a place you went, but now is synonymous with what you do. Working from home has been the reality for 100 million Americans (Gallup, 2020) during the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has accelerated the conversation about remote work, lease expiration, and the demand for office space.

In the case of a lease expiration in the next year, take advantage of this opportunity to explore new alternatives. Even if your organization does not have the data yet, consider that Fortune 500 CEOs estimate 25 percent of their workforce will not be returning to the office, (Murray, 2020). Use that benchmark to re-assess your employee roles and workplace standards. Re-examine the office location. Re-define your office and home workspaces.

Learn more about office space decisioning during a pandemic in WorkDesign Magazine’s The Lease is Up article, to explore the relationships between people and the workplace to inform what to do after your lease expires.

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