Insights from WM: Perspectives & the Horizon

During my 22 years at Ware Malcomb, I have been constantly challenged to not only adapt to change, but anticipate and use it to fuel innovative ideas. COVID-19 has challenged all of us to re-calibrate in all aspects of our lives.

What is a company other than a collection of people working together towards a common vision?

In this spirit, we thought it would be great to let our tribe inspire you with this new blog series, Insights from WM: Perspectives & the Horizon. Each week we will pose a relevant question and share the most impactful responses from our team with the goal of helping you!

What have you unexpectedly learned through this experience?

Working remotely has given me a higher appreciation for in-person collaboration and further value the overall process. The situation has pushed me to approach challenges in a different way and has helped with decision making; overall a growth in adaption and recognizing other ways of problem solving.
-Troy Flick
Studio Manager, Design
Oak Brook, Illinois

The Importance of New Routines
During this time of uncertainty, I have learned the importance of maintaining a routine. Early during remote working I felt dislocated and interrupted by not going into the office. I started doing a daily morning check in call with our team, which gives me a virtual commute into work and helps me arrive in an “office mindset”. Now I look forward to those check in calls to kick off my day.
-Chris Royster
Regional Director
Houston, Texas

The Power of Human Touch
The power of the human touch – not physical touch per say, but rather tone and facial expression. What we can achieve in a face-to-face conversation via video conference can help grow a rapport with a new client or maintain a tightly knit team during these times of social distancing. Words on a screen in the corporate world can often lack emotion, which is a missing opportunity!
-Christina Kolkas
Director, Interior Architecture & Design
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Planning Pays Off
This crisis has proven to me that all the time spent working on operations planning and investing in our WM mentoring/coaching program has been a blessing, as my team wouldn’t be able to do our jobs in these conditions without it. Also, our early adoption of working from home has been a huge advantage in this transition. 
-Ilyes Nouizi
Associate Principal, Resource Services
Irvine, California

This challenge has given me the opportunity to learn even more about Zoom. I am grateful to live in a time when technology allows us to stay connected with each other and continue servicing our clients. It has also taught me about the massive amount of work my wife does for my children and I during the day when I am usually gone.
-Rob Kiester
Studio Manager, Architecture
Denver, Colorado

Effective at Home
I learned that I can work from home as effectively as I can from the office.  Daily team meetings have actually allowed me more face time with my team.
-Marlyn Zucosky
Director, Interior Architecture & Design
Newark, New Jersey 

Growing as a Leader
Showing compassion and practicing transparency to my team during this unexpected scenario. I also realize the unique opportunity to be an example to my son. He’s seeing me work first-hand, day after day, hearing my phone conversations, my tone, how I talk about design, problem solving, my patience, all of it.
-Debra Bryant
Director, Branding
Irvine, California

What unexpected things have you learned? Share your insights with us!