Insights from WM: Perspectives & the Horizon

Continuous growth and fostering a spirit of optimism are part of our culture at Ware Malcomb.

When we have the mindset that every challenge in our life provides us with an opportunity to learn – growth happens. With a resilient mindset, adversity can accelerate our growth and help us push through obstacles that might normally deter us.

Our next issue of Insights from WM: Perspectives & the Horizon explores this concept further. Our leaders from across our 24 offices share their perspectives, responding to the following question.

What new skills have you adopted which you aim to incorporate into your work life, post stay at home?

I think we all inherently understood the benefits of being optimistic and keeping a positive demeanor even before the pandemic; but those characteristics are magnified by our new methods of communication and socialization. I have witnessed firsthand how remaining confident and emphasizing encouragement can increase collaboration, reduce stress and result in more successful interaction.
-Ed Wilkes
Civil Engineering Manager
Newark, New Jersey

Better listening. Without in-person interactions, the distractions while on a phone or zoom call are ever present. I have had to make a concerted effort to be more present and actively listen, avoiding distractions, so my communication is more effective and efficient.
-Nathan A. Dean
Director, Regional Operations
San Diego, California

Having a small child at home that needs attention and structure has made each time segment I am available to work more precious. Learning how to work on short, isolated tasks and being able to turn off the “noise” of items unrelated to that task, allows for increased focus and higher productivity, in smaller segments spread throughout the day.
-Mila Volkova
Director, Healthcare
Irvine, California

Using technology to remotely connect with team members. I anticipate remote work practices will become more accepted in the future, and technology (especially video conferencing) is a great way to ensure timely communication without waiting to schedule in-person meetings.
-Mary Cheval
Irvine, California

Resource Optimization
Being remote from physical tools and typical workflow has necessitated the use of alternative, digital measures and to be more conservative with our resources. First and most important: dramatic reduction in printing. Less is more, especially when it comes to reducing waste and protecting the environment.
-Sergio Valentini
Studio Manager, Architecture
Los Angeles, California

Daily Routine
I have learned that the most important skill is to maintain a daily routine. Get dressed for the work day, focus on tasks, stay connected with employees/clients and most of all, know when to turn off for the day and spend time with the family.
-Frank Di Roma
Vaughan & Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Clearer Communication
Working in an exclusively remote setting has improved my proactive thinking about communicating with my team. I have learned to organize my thoughts, group my requests to a single call, communicate in a casual manner. I am organizing my thoughts into an agenda format to be sure to complete all items.
-Kevin Evernham
Phoenix, Arizona

Nature Therapy
That no matter how busy I am, I will make it a priority to get out of the office and walk in the sunshine daily. It’s a rare gift these days and I don’t intend to waste it going forward.
Stephanie Fox
Studio Manager, Interior Architecture & Design
Irvine, California

What new skills are you excited to carry forward? Share with us!