Insights from WM: Perspectives and the Horizon

Having the ability to work virtually has been vital for all of us during the pandemic.  Companies and organizations around the world have been forced to embrace technology platforms to keep us connected.

Yes, we are fortunate to have so many great tools to help us do this right now.   Yet, for all of the benefits of virtual, many feel there is something missing when we aren’t able to interact with others in person.  We are social beings and communication is not just the words we say, but the energy we bring to interactions.  Some of this translates in video, but not all of it.

We believe the office serves an important purpose connecting people together, especially as it relates to organizational culture and collaboration.  For this edition, we reached out to some of our WM team members for their thoughts on what they are looking forward to when they are able to come back together.

Today’s Question

What are you looking forward to when we can return to the office more fully?

While enhanced online technology has made it possible for all of us to remain virtually connected, there is no replacement for experiencing extraordinary team dynamics as we are able to creatively collaborate. I am very much looking forward to enjoying our genuine workplace camaraderie as it naturally encourages and stimulates positive growth and development both professionally and personally. 

Keasha Mendez, Job Captain
San Diego, CA

Seeing my Ware Malcomb family! We touch base often but it will be nice to all be in the same space and collaborating in person. I’m especially looking forward to lunch out with my teammates.

Shenine Hooshman, Project Manager
Pleasanton, CA

Connecting with our clients and vendor partners in our new office space in Denver. Our team has been working hard the last several months on our own office relocation and are eager to share the new space with our colleagues and clients.

Alex Neujahr, Senior Project Manager
Denver, CO

Seeing the office, as we are in the middle of moving to a brand new space, in a new location. Yet what I’m really looking forward to is the collaborative energy that has been missing the past three months.   Some of my co-workers can answer any question you can think of, others are great at bouncing ideas off of, but none can say it’s been the same without our face to face chats.  

Brian Weiss, Project Manager
Denver, CO

Serendipitous interactions with my coworkers. We have all gotten very proficient at reaching out via Teams or Zoom to discuss specific projects, but I miss overhearing a conversation about someone’s weekend plans or storefront detail and learning/sharing in a more organic way. It will also be great to celebrate our team members birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments in person instead of blowing out digital candles!

Leticia De Brito, Operations Manager
Pleasanton, CA