Hybrid Design Combines Office & Industrial

Ware Malcomb is transforming the real estate market in Colorado by blurring the lines between office and industrial project types with Tech Office; an innovative approach to creative office influenced by 46 years of industrial design expertise. This new hybrid building type is at the cross section of flexibility and cost efficiency. Coined by its appeal from the rapidly expanding tech industry, Tech Office is becoming a major player in the office space game.

Whether you’re in the market for a purely office building or have industrial/distribution needs, here are 3 reasons to consider Tech Office:

It’s Creative – Tech Office design begins as a concrete tilt-up building with exposed, high ceilings resulting in a large open office space with an abundance of natural light and attractive amenities. Compared to a typical office building, Tech Office offers a generous amount of continuous office space per floor, encouraging collaborative workspaces.

It’s Flexible – Located within already developed master-planned parks, these highly amenitized buildings can serve as office, industrial or both. Featuring lower clear heights than a typical industrial building, Tech Office can meet specifications for dock doors and warehouse racking without complex structural adjustments. They can also accommodate single or multiple tenants, making it an attractive option for future buyers and sellers.

It’s Cost-Effective – The widespread appeal of downtown creative office has its limitations when it comes to industrial requirements. Truck access and R&D space needs are often the cause for split operations across multiple locations and higher costs. Tech Office allows you to consolidate office and industrial operations into a single location. The result? Higher productivity, more efficiency, and lower overhead without sacrificing design for a creative workplace environment.

The bottom line is, if your business requires office and industrial space, Tech Office is a great solution.

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