Healthy Signage Kit

Partnering with clients for return-to-work signage solutions

Instilling confidence and building community are more important than ever. Signage is a tangible way to drive positive perceptions, evoke behaviors and impact user experience.

We have developed a Healthy Signage Kit to enable you to post return-to-work signage that supports your safe building/workplace plans and communicates protection protocols with messaging that is approachable and design that is thoughtful to compliment buildings, spaces and the user experience.

From ready-to-go options to upgraded solutions that align with your brand, this flexible kit uses materials to allow implementation of immediate, mid-term and long-term signage.

Signage solutions to meet your specific needs:

  1. Healthy Signage
    Download print-ready files as-is. Print and mount yourself, instantly.
  2. Healthy Signage Upgraded
    Purchase finished signs, professionally printed and shipped to you.
    Upgrade the color while you’re at it to compliment your brand and space.
  3. Healthy Signage Tailored
    Work with our team to change messages, colors and create additional
    sign types specific to your building/workplace needs and aesthetic.
    Based on an assessment of your building/workplace protocols, we can
    develop recommendations for sign types, prepare signage location plans and coordinate the implementation.

Our signage kit communicates healthy building/workplace initiatives in a community-building way, considerate of the user experience, and driving positive perceptions and connection to your brand.

Ware Malcomb’s branding studio brings a unique in-house, multi-disciplinary approach to offer full range signage solutions and services. Our team of environmental graphic designers, architects and interior designers enriches our perspective, focuses our design solutions, and expands our technical knowledge. We clarify our client’s goals for branding, culture, wayfinding and communication to ultimately provide striking, creative and thoughtful solutions that are cost-appropriate, real estate focused and aligned with brand. We are passionate about inventive design and visual communication that connects people to place and creates meaningful experiences.

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