Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can often be overlooked during preliminary design phases, however it can add a level of sophistication and drama to even the simplest of designs. Decorative light fixtures, such as bollards, wall sconces and pole mounted fixtures should complement and reinforce the architectural style. These elements also help bring a humanistic scale to the project, making it enjoyable for visitors and users of the projects. More functional fixtures, such as landscape up lights, step lights, architectural floods and spots highlight key architectural details.

Night provides an architect the opportunity to truly direct the architectural experience by “spot-lighting” a building to emphasize special detailing, massing, finish and/or landscape elements. Not only are the Lighting Designer and/or Electrical Engineer important collaborators on this topic, the local Lighting Representative can keep the design team up to date on the latest technology and fixtures. The Lighting Representative can also aid in the selection of the appropriate fixtures to meet the Architect’s desired effect and budget should a Lighting Designer not be a part of the project team.