Enhancing WELL-being One Project at a Time

Innovative technologies are at the forefront of society’s wish list when it comes to developing the workplace. But above all, the most important aspect of a successful work environment is the health and well-being of the occupants. According to the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), employers spend 90% of their annual operating costs on people, so keeping those people happy and healthy can produce giant returns on investment. But how can we succeed at improving productivity and engagement? The WELL Building Standard.

Ware Malcomb is proud to have the expertise to improve human sustainability through the WELL Building Standard.

What is WELL?

The WELL Building Standard focuses on human health and the wellness of those who occupy the building. The first of its kind, WELL is composed of seven main concepts:

Taking these seven factors into consideration, IWBI’s mission is to make health & well-being a priority through the built environment.

WELL On Our Way

Ware Malcomb is dedicated to continuing the WELL mission and has demonstrated expertise on projects such as the VESTA Corporate headquarters project in Mexico City.

This project features spaces like private silos that provide a private space for employees to de-stress, which caters directly to the comfort & mind concepts of WELL.

Ware Malcomb’s branding studio also designed branded graphics to enhance the office culture and further incorporate the WELL concepts into the Vesta brand.


The seven WELL components are crucial to the continued success of businesses and firms worldwide, so why wait to improve the efficiency and well-being of your workplace?

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