Effectively use design tech to benefit development

Much can be said about the design technology used within the real estate industry today and the overall benefits to the development process.

In an article featured in Colorado Real Estate Journal’s Office & Industrial Quarterly, we discuss how effectively utilizing design technology benefits real estate development.

Working with an integrated design team utilizing the latest technology will help landowners save money and time, improve coordination and collaboration efforts, enhance data and design and support overall project success. Owners can benefit from understanding how our professional team focus on design technology throughout the entire project – from concept to construction trailer.

Our civil engineering, architecture and interior design teams have collaborated on numerous projects, including Karcher’s 380,000 SF headquarters, pictured above.

Throughout our 48 year history, we have remained committed to providing exceptional, innovative design, critical to the success of the real estate development community.  Our ability to collaborate as one team of civil engineers and architects early in the project results in an integrated approach that increases the accuracy, quality, and productivity of each project with increased effective communication.