Cubic’s Office Takes New Heights

Headquartered in San Diego since 1951, Cubic is an industry leader in the transportation and defense markets throughout the world. Cubic provides innovative technology and an integrated approach for both intelligent travel solutions and specialized support services for military and security forces.

To reflect Cubic’s decades of industry success, Ware Malcomb’s focus for this transformation was to create a modern, efficient workplace inspired by Cubic’s reputation of “Global, Innovative, Trusted” through interior design, branding, and work place strategy services.

Cubic’s campus modernization arose from a desire to better utilize their building space to accommodate strategic growth. The design objective is to create a balance between a modest work environment respecting cost and shareholder value, while creating a modern, bright and efficient workplace.

The project is a prototype environment that will be studied over the next year to understand habits, likes/dislikes and efficiencies for future renovations.

Meetings held with Cubic leaders and focus groups determined employees desired access to natural light, a modern edge, presence of color, and an open collaborative culture integrated with a quiet workspace.

As part of the visioning and programming process, the project team collaborated with Cubic to develop modular workplace standards. The standards development included suite and departmental entries, branding and way finding, meeting, amenity and ancillary spaces, and work stations and private offices.

The furniture created a flexible work environment catering to changing requirements.  The new office space expands and contracts depending on the need.  Demountable glass walls were used to allow physical separation while maintaining a visual connection and support change without reconfiguration.

The transition from a closed office environment to an open, modern office design was enhanced by new graphics and technology solutions to enhance global employee communication.  Throughout the space, our Branding Studio pays homage to Cubic’s military and defense contributions with impressive large scale images, which speak to one of their core businesses. Ware Malcomb has successfully reflected brand and culture within the prototype office space, creating a new interior standard for Cubic.