CREtech Talks: The Evolving Dynamics of Ecommerce Recap

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted nearly every industry for better or for worse, and industrial real estate is no exception. However, though disruption may be vast, the opportunity that lies ahead is promising. Ware Malcomb President Jay Todisco recently joined a panel of 3 other real estate experts for CREtech Talks, The Evolving Dynamics of Ecommerce, to discuss their near and long term perspectives, as well as their altered strategic approach during this pivotal economic moment in history. The other panelists included Geoffrey Kasselman of CRG, Will O’Donnell of Prologis Ventures, and Rich Thompson of JLL.

Key takeaways:

  1. E-commerce isn’t a Guarantee of Success – Utilization of experiential e-commerce is the next step to complete immersion into the electronic transactional process.
  2. The E-commerce Shift Generates Huge Demand – Every 100 bps of share shift from brick & mortar to eCommerce translates to 47 million SF of net demand for industrial real estate.
  3. Mainstream Design Evolution is Crucial – Design must enable the buildings to evolve as the market does, meaning a shift away from unusual L-shaped buildings or odd square footage
  4. Potential for Increased Consumer Experience – Utilizing technology to increase efficiency and transparency in the buying process will give consumers more confidence.
  5. Commoditization of Automation as a Solution– Commoditizing technology and automation will lower expenses, easing entry into the market, and increasing demand for industrial real estate.

The evolution in technology, automation, and design is imminent with the continual rise in e-commerce. Our team of industrial and e-commerce experts are at the forefront of design evolution and are continually challenging norms to serve our clients. Check out links to our industrial portfolio as well as a recording of the CREtech webinar below.

With over 40 years of architectural experience in the commercial real estate industry, Jay is a recognized expert in industrial building design including e-commerce, distribution and logistics. Recognized by Real Estate Forum Magazine as a Top 20 Industrial Influencer, Jay has proven to be an industry thought leader in industrial trends. He has been a guest speaker at commercial real estate events throughout the United States, and has also authored several articles relating to architecture and design, including NAIOP’s Development Magazine’s cover story “Industrial Buildings Go Vertical”, linked here.