Celebrating John Thomas & Rudy Lazatin | 30 Years of Service

Ware Malcomb recently celebrated the milestone anniversaries of two influential employees. Please join us in congratulating John Thomas | Principal, Design and Rudy Lazatin | Director, Special Projects on 30 years of service!

A video was created to commemorate these anniversaries and their legacy of service to our firm and its clients, which can be viewed on Ware Malcomb’s YouTube channel. Ware Malcomb staff were invited to share their favorite memories and sentiments in tribute to John and Rudy. A few contributions are shared below.

John Thomas | Principal, Design



John Thomas | Principal, Design




John has provided outstanding leadership and guidance for design at Ware Malcomb for 30 years. John is unrelenting in his quest to provide high level design for even the most modest projects. He consistently digs deep to come up with a new creative solution for each challenge. John has taught so many of us about the importance of design, and how critical it is to follow through to the details. Thank you John for 30 years of great design!  – Larry Armstrong

John has consistently demonstrated an unmatched passion for architecture that is an inspiration to all of us who have been fortunate enough to work with him.   I have often had the pleasure of presenting his designs to our Clients.  I do so with great pride and excitement as I watch their reaction as they embrace his vision that will ultimately become an outward expression of their company identity and culture. So many projects, so many Clients, so many great designs. John Thomas: Architect, Teacher, Ambassador, Spiritual Leader, Visionary, Gentleman…and one heck of a nice guy! – Jay Todisco

John and I first met 15 years ago when I was in desperate need of a job after graduating from college.   I was nervous to work for such a wise and experienced designer, but John always made me feel welcome and embraced, taking the time to teach and mentor.  Not only did John teach, but he was (and still is) willing and open to learning from the next generation of architects. John is my mentor, cohort, colleague and friend.  Thanks for the great laughs and congratulations on 30 years!  – Jinger  Tapia

Some of my most memorable times at Ware Malcomb have been when I have needed some design input and I walk over to ask John a couple questions. We usually drift into deeper discussions about life, design, and the world we live in. John always pushes me to think of the bigger picture, both personally and professionally. Thank you, John for all that you are!  – Evan Raabe

Rudy Lazatin | Director, Special Projects

Rudy Lazatin | Director, Special Projects

Rudy IS Ware Malcomb. He has taught me since the first day I walked through the door. Rudy cares about the company, each one of us, our clients and the quality of our work. He has made countless contributions to WM over 30 years, his value immeasurable. – Larry Armstrong

Rudy, you are the best!!!!  I have learned many things from you, #1 is your commitment to your family, to your friends and to Ware Malcomb.  #2 is your passion – how can someone like a basketball team so much?  #3 is your warm smile.  And #4 your sense of humor, there are a lot of one liners here in Irvine that were started by you. Thanks for being my friend the last 17 years.  – Ken Wink

Rudy is a legend here.  When I started at Ware Malcomb, Rudy was one of the first to make a big impression.  I quickly learned that if any technical problem, be it code review or detailing challenge, Rudy would roll up his sleeves and just jump in and help.  Besides all the value that Rudy has provided (and still is providing) in his career, I’ve always enjoyed is light hearted attitude. Congratulations Rudy on 30+ years of bringing value and commitment to Ware Malcomb!  – Ted Heisler

All great organizations have one to a few key individuals that encompass the essence of the organization.  For the Lakers, those individuals include Chick Hearn, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant among a few other greats.  If I start to put this list together for Ware Malcomb, Rudy would be one of the first names on the list. Rudy’s energy and vibrant spirit is central to Ware Malcomb culture.  I look forward to seeing my friend and hearing his sayings every day.  Hey just has a way with words that others don’t.  If Ware Malcomb ever open’s a Hall of Fame, Rudy will be one of the Charter inductees.  You can put that one in the refrigerator!  Congratulations on your 30 years of service Rudy, and cheers to the years ahead! – Moses Gonzales