A Healthy Introduction to the WELL Building Standard™

Andres Galvis, LEED AP | Regional Director, Latin America
Sarah Walker, CID, Associate IIDA | Project Designer 

Ware Malcomb was tasked with transforming Vesta’s corporate headquarters into a happier, healthier and more productive work environment while pursuing WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) Certification at the Gold level and LEED ID+C Gold certifications.

Who is Vesta? 

Vesta is a leading real estate owner, developer and asset administrator of industrial buildings and distribution centers in Mexico. Our client’s primary goal for their new corporate headquarters was to create a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment for their employees and clients.

In order to create this new work environment to promote employee wellness, WELL Certification was selected.

What is WELL?

WELL is the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness setting performance requirements in seven Concepts relevant to occupant health in the built environment. Strategies used throughout Vesta’s new corporate headquarters to emphasize the seven Concepts of WELL include:


  1. Air | Optimize indoor air quality by VOC reduction in architectural finishes and integrated in the maintenance and housekeeping programs.
  2. Water | Optimize water quality and accessibility by water purification integrated into building systems, and providing water bottle filling stations.
  3. Nourishment | Promote responsible eating habits by giving healthier food choices and incorporate nutritional messaging in the organization’s displays and brochures.
  4. Light | Minimize disruption to the body’s circadian rhythm by using high performing window design and focusing on minimizing glares.
  5. Fitness | Integrate technologies and information to encourage physical activity and provide opportunities for activity enabling occupants to reach fitness goals.
  6. Comfort | Create an indoor environment that is distraction-free, the design included thermal and acoustic controllability, ADA compliance and a high ergonomic standard.
  7. Mind | Support mental and emotional health by providing relaxation spaces and key focus areas.

Ware Malcomb provided full service interior architecture and design, branding and WELL design services to Vesta for this project. Delos Solutions provided WELL consulting services to Vesta.  


To cater to Vesta’s dynamic multi-generational work force, improve the office layout, and meet WELL guidelines, the floor plan (pictured below) is divided into four zones:

  1. Focus (Green)
  2. Interactive (Yellow)
  3. Quiet (Pink)
  4. Teaming (Blue)

2016-06-02 12_38_55-ZoningColoredFloorPlan - Windows Photo Viewer


Creating distinct, yet cohesive zones visually connects employees from the open office environment to the amenities, collaborative spaces and conference center. Workstations live on the glass line while private offices are in-boarded, resulting in improved work flow and information sharing.


What was the end result?

The design of Vesta’s new space achieved all of their project goals. The reinvented work environment reflects quality, a high level of service, contemporary aesthetic, and the dedication to excellence. All of these enhancements combined with a renewed sense of employee well-being help create a more effective and engaging work environment. Vesta’s reinvented corporate headquarters reflects sustainability, high quality and service, contemporary aesthetic, and dedication to excellence.

Upon certification, Vesta’s corporate headquarters will be one of the first tenant improvement projects in Mexico to be both WELL and LEED certified.


Andres Galvis | Director, Latin America                               Sarah Walker | Project Designer