A Common Sense Guide For Returning To The Post COVID-19 Workplace

During the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety were the driving factors in moving employees from the office to their homes. The same will be true when companies begin bringing their employees back to the office.

In a recent article in Work Design Magazine, Ware Malcomb’s Director, Workplace Strategy, Cynthia Milota, shared strategic and tactical planning guidelines for returning to the office post COVID-19.

While all organizations should remain transparent and use common sense to drive their decisions during this time, it’s important to note that the guidelines discussed in the article are situationally dependent on each firm’s circumstances. Companies will need to create individualized plans for creating an environment that best fits their team and business needs.

At Ware Malcomb, our Workplace Strategy and Change Management Services team specializes in helping organizations adapt to ever-changing business demands and transforming spaces that maximize experience and performance. By implementing new workplace solutions in response to COVID-19, employees will ultimately feel more comfortable returning to the workplace.

For more details about strategies to navigate the COVID-19 complexities, head to Work Design Magazine to read the full article.