3 Tips to Becoming a Better Communicator

Want to become a better communicator? Part of my role at Ware Malcomb is to help coach our leaders and employees on how to be more effective communicators.

Here are a few key suggestions:


Often we are so quick to assert our opinion we don’t really take time to listen to others so we can truly understand their frame of reference. Really listen and give people time to explain their perspective, concept, idea or process. Where are they coming from? How can you reach a mutually beneficial solution where everyone succeeds?

Explain the Why

Sometimes we get busy and it seems faster and easier to just delegate the task we need accomplished. When we do this, we miss a huge opportunity.   If you share the “why”  the person will have a better understanding of your request and will be more likely to help you. They might also contribute ideas that you hadn’t thought of which can enhance the end result.  Explaining the “why” encourages teamwork and fosters better results.

Acknowledge the Good

It might take you 3 minutes to review work that it took someone hours to create. Often they really put themselves  into that work. When we briskly state only what is wrong or what needs to be changed, it can leave the impression that all of the hard work and effort are not truly valued or appreciated.  Take a few minutes to acknowledge sincerely what is good and right, before providing critiques.

What works for you?

Ruth Brajevich
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