2014 Baja Challenge

2014 Baja Challenge
By: Savana Batt, Interior Designer & Matt Brady, Regional Vice President

For the 15th year in a row Ware Malcomb collaborated with several other real estate professionals to participate in the 2014 Baja Challenge. Several of our employees from our San Diego and Irvine offices came together with their friends and family members to build homes for eligible families in Mexico. Our friends from Trazo Drafting Services, Vesta, and DA Whitacre partnered with us to help during the day of the build. In addition to attending the build, Patcraft also generously donated materials and supplies for the team to use.

The build this year was one of our best! We started out with a concrete slab and a pile of lumber, and throughout the day, we met many children from the neighborhood that were eager to help.










Everyone worked hard and had a lot of fun, completing the house in record time!






















BoySoccerBallNetAfter the build, we had the rewarding privilege of gifting a young family a new home. Patcraft also generously gave the 7 year-old boy a soccer net and ball for his birthday (it was his birthday the day of the build). What a great birthday gift!

Thank you to everyone who came together and supported this great cause for another year. Looking forward to next year!

The Baja Challenge gives professionals the opportunity to volunteer their skills, resources, time, and energy to families in need of a new home. This year, approximately 40 participants devoted their Saturday to building a home for the family pictured below. Please visit the Baja Challenge website for more information.